Ricky Shetty – Photobin Photography

In this highly engaging and practical presentation, Ricky will be sharing “3 Tips to be a Better Dad.” Ricky will be sharing some of the insights and wisdom he gained from interviewing over 100 dads about fatherhood. A couple of lucky dads will get a free copy of Ricky’s Amazon Best-Selling Book “Wisdom from Daddies.” Please invite any dads you know to this application-based presentation!

10465453_658356900901631_5142312264797823655_oRicky Shetty is the owner and operator of the family-friendly website Daddy Blogger which gives a father’s perspective into parenting. Ricky owns and operates several businesses in Vancouver including YVR Bloggers, YVR Dads, YVR Conferences, and more. He is the Amazon Best Selling Author of “Wisdom from Daddies” where he interviewed over 100 dads about fatherhood. Ricky is the happy husband of Anne and the proud father of two young kids Rianne and Ryan.

You can find out more about Ricky on his website:

Stage Times: Saturday: 12:15 pm & Sunday: 1:30 pm


Join Dr. Carolyne Hiebert of Pacfic Life Chiropractic as she discusses whole body health for mom and baby during and after pregnancy!


Topics will include:

  • How to have the healthy pregnancy you and your baby deserve!
  • Nutrition, best supplements and good foods during and after pregnancy!
  • Natural pain management during pregnancy and after delivery!
  • Baby health and wellness, giving your child their best chance at health!

Stage Times: Saturday: 2:00pm & Sunday: 2:15pm


Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD

She is a child feeding expert who helps Moms and Dads support their picky eater to try new foods on their own (without being forceful or sneaky). A speaker, Author, and dietitian, Kristen is a picky eater turned food-lover herself. Kristen worked behind-the-scenes at the BC Ministry of Health to create many of the resources that health professionals use throughout the province. Since 2008 she has been working with families to support them in providing good food for their kids today…and, instilling in them a life-long LOVE of healthy eating. Following Kristen’s teaching, parents learn how to get their kids to try new foods on their own without resorting to the forceful methods of the past, negotiations, or being sneaky.


Stage Times: Saturday: 1:00pm & Sunday: 1:45pm


Vanessa & Tu-anh met 4 years ago at their local “baby time” group with their first born sons. As they explored the world of motherhood together, they immediately connected and became very close friends.

While Vanessa was on maternity leave with her second child, she obtained her LLQP license and became a fully licensed financial security advisor.

Tu-anh continued her career in the corporate world but soon followed suit once she witnessed the impact Vanessa was having on numerous families.

Vanessa and Tu-anh are now co-owners of Mindful Abundance, their team specializes in full financial planning with a focus on helping families save for their children’s education

Vanessa & Tu-anh will share some insightful facts regarding the RESP program. As well as introduce you to other programs available to families to help them with their financial security and most importantly their children’s future.

Stage Times: Saturday: 3:30pm & Sunday: 2:45pm